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…Have to say it was great as my data plan is not unlimited.. [one customer review]

Pocket Wifi make the surfing accessible with the cut of the roaming cost, Also in Europe ,EU Citizen ``not`` known that their data plan are ``not unlimited`` and roaming limits are always presents.. ONE-MYFI reduce to 0 any possibility to get in trouble . For more info click on READ MORE

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Worked well throughout Italy. Easy to book, easy to pick up, easy to use and easy to drop off.
Jeff Boling
Used this on a recent trip to Rome with my teenage daughter. Have to say it was great as my data plan is not unlimited and the hotel WiFi was supposedly not so good. Obviously my daughter was delighted as she snapped her friends from all over Rome, colosseum, Trevi Fountain etc... but it was also handy for me having it to check bus schedules, google maps, restaurants etc.. the pick up and drop off at my hotel was also very handy. It was there when we arrived and a return pre-paid bag to leave at reception to be collected on our check out day. It did stop working a couple of times briefly but we just switched it off and on again and it worked no problem. All in all very good😊read more
Lorraine Stirling
I have been visiting Italy for the past 20 years and Expressowifi is the best service I've found for staying connected. Data is fast, unthrottled, and unlimited - a rare find. My pickup and dropoff at Napoli Capodichino airport was hassle free. I enjoyed perfect reception everywhere I went in Campania, Molise, and Abruzzo regions (even in remote towns). What struck me most was the excellent service by Ivan and his team. More than just a business relationship, Ivan was cordial, warming, and always available to sort out any issue.Keep it up guys. You've found a customer for life.read more
Michael Moccia
It worked great thoroughout my trip. No problems getting signal on the cross country trains as well as the water bus in Venice. Just need to ensure you have a powerbank esp if you will be using it for the whole day. Used in Rome, Florence and Venice.read more
Chris Too
Made all the difference on our 10 day trip in Italy. Never had to worry about having cell service for directions, translations or WiFi calling. 4 of is used one device without any issues. They were easy to pick up and drop off. Highly recommend!read more
Laura Rampley Malcom
I used this company during my week trip to Italy this month. They were awesome. Their chat service on their website is very helpful. They answered all my questions before I rented out their product. It was very affordable as well. They also kept me in the loop when they mailed it to my hotel and it was easy to return it at their Dropbox at the Fuimicino Airport. The WiFi box itself is awesome. It stays charged for up to 6 hours with me and my sister's phone using it the entire time. I'm very happy I chose this route over using my American server or another Italian company. This place is great and I highly recommend them and their product. They helped to make my first trip overseas safe and productive since I could comfortably use my maps to get around. I will definitely use this company again for future trips. Thank you ExpressoWifi.read more
Lena Eidi
You gotta have this. This pocket wifi did not failed us when we traveled the multiple remote cities of Tuscany and Cinque Terre. Connectivity is mostly available and fast when we are hoping different cities in Italy. There were remote locations that has no signal, but last only for a few minutes. We rely on it for navigation especially when driving. But you gotta have power pack to extend the battery life. This only last 5 hours.read more
Migs Baugbog
We are using ExpressoWiFi (unlimmited Gb plan ) a little longer than 1 month now and my compliments to Ivan , I recommended this wifi services to everybody who travels in Italië or stay on vacation the Mifi was on time deliverd by courier and never lost his Speed.Also streaming is very good.We will contact you next year for sure. Greetings Anthony & Marijkeread more
Marijke van Maare
We used Expresso Wifi for a three week trip to Italy. It cost about the same as our Canadian Roaming plan would have for just one phone and we had more than one phone with us plus a laptop and iPad. We picked up the unit and extra battery pack at Rome airport and returned it there when we were done. Couldn't have been easier.We put our phones on airplane mode for the whole trip and used apps to communicate with family at home when necessary. We didn't have to download maps to our phones or iPad which was good since we traveled all over Italy. It worked well even on trains going 250 kph. In one particular hotel with thick stone walls the hotel wifi didn't work very well, especially when other guests were also trying to use wifi. Having our own wifi gave us easy and fast access to the Internet.It also meant we didn't have to use public wifi anywhere we went. Even when walking around in Rome and Venice we had access. The only minor problem we had was that the internal battery only lasted a few minutes. The external powerpack worked well and kept it going for hours. Expresso Wifi is definitely something we will use again if we're in Italy.read more
Pat Chan
We used this the last week in Italy. It worked everywhere was fantastic! We were able to stay in contact back home in the states and not pay a huge cell bill when we get back. I highly recommend this company!read more
Nicci Inboden Fruia
Super dependable connection and speedy replies always. Highly recommended if you’re ever in Italy!
Audrey Tan
Shari-Lynn Umlas Odzer
A game changer. So simple to pickup, so easy to use. No worries about data usage, super fast. Makes using my phone in Italy just as easy as back in the US.
James E. Dion
Best WiFi in Italy! I used the ExpressoWiFi device for all of my phone, texting, and internet needs during a 6 week stay in Italy. I shut off my cellular data and put my phone on airplane mode. Didn't need to mess with a SIM Card. I operated exclusively on WiFi using WhatsApp and connecting with other iPhone users over Facetime or Instant Message. I really needed good and reliable WIFI as I communicated with my clients while in Italy and also didn't want to mess with a limited number of minutes. Having the device was also a perk for Italian friends I stayed with or friends who came to visit me from America. They could jump on the device too - it allows up to 10 users. Service with ExpressoWiFi is also great! The team is very responsive and kind over instant message. The only thing to know is you might need to reboot the device every once in awhile, as with any good piece of technology. Highly recommend!!! WiFi is often pretty slow and spotty otherwise in Italy.read more
Gina Marotta
Piritta Seppälä
Renting a pocket wifi through ExpressoWiFi was a great purchase. My internet connection all throughout my trip in Rome and Tuscany was fantastic. Signal cut out only a couple of times while driving through the hills in Chianti, but never for too long. The signal was so strong that I felt no need to connect to the hotel provided WiFi. I was able to take video calls, contact my family and friends, and use it as a GPS.Grazie mille. 🙂read more
Kristine Austria Sanchez
I used Expresso Wifi service during a two week stay in Italy and it has been invaluable for my travel.Beginning with the booking which was straight forward and easy, the service throughout was superb. Definitely recommend Expresso Wifi for anyone travelling to Italy and in need of fast and reliable internet service.read more
Christopher Nicholas
Excellent service everywhere we went, I was really impressed!!! I would recommend it to anyone traveling to Italy!!
Mar Martinez
We heard about Expressowifi from a couple that was sitting beside us for dinner on our 2nd night in Italy. What a lifesaver it was for our 3 week trip as we could use our phones for GPS without incurring a data charge as we are from Canada. We did find that when we were in Cinque Terre and remote areas the signal was poor and we could not use it. The battery did lose it's charge and did not last the whole day when we were in areas with low signal. All in all, it is an excellent devise. Pick up and drop off were very easy and we received periodic emails from the helpdesk to check in with us about the device and reminded us of our return date and options if we needed to change that. I would definitely recommend Expressowifi to anyone travelling in Italy. Thank you.read more
Linda Henderson Wilson
Maravilloso compañero de viaje, sin él no hubiéramos visitado 9 ciudades en 7 días!No falló nunca, muy buena velocidad y muy eficiente
Gerardo Solis Arreola
We had the device for 2 weeks and it worked better than we could've ever imagined. Device was small as to fit in a pocket or bag easily. Easy pick up a and drop off. It was great to have internet access the whole time !!read more
David M. Compean
It was great to have internet access the whole time. It was particularly valuable as we drove from city to city we saved our phone data (very expensive) and used the Expresso data for GPS. It worked very well for us. Only once did it stop working and all I did was shut it off and turn it back on and it work fine. I doubt I will travel in Italy again without one. Easy people to deal with as well. If we had lots of devices hooked to it and using our phones GPS it had to work hard and we would only get about 6 hours out of it. I could tell it was working hard because it would warm up in my pocket. On days we wen't using it heavy the charge would last all day easily. I had anticipated this and had brought a small backup battery with me which could keep it going for two days with no problems.read more
Stu Boyd
ExpressoWiFi worked awesome for our trip to Italy! Pick up and Drop off @ Rome Airport was fast and easy. Strong signal throughout Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and Sorrento. Real life saver when it came to streaming video's to entertain out toddler. Thanks ExpressoWiFi!read more
David Deziel
I was in Florence Italy for a month and had to make it a working vacation. Our apartment wifi was spotty which is the norm for Italy as I understand. After a few days I rented an Expresso wifi. Expresso was solid everyday. I think I had a few minutes of slow traffic once. Easy pickup/drop-off too.read more
Mark Fitzpatrick
ExpressoWiFi was the *perfect* solution for our needs! We (two of us with multiple wifi enabled devices) took a two week trip to Italy, staying in Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento. We never had an issue with coverage or speed loss! If you are considering a MiFi solution, talk to these guys and see if they have any specials/promotions running. I used their chat window on the website multiple times and highly recommend that as well!If you do decide to book, remember to bring a portable charger. Typical battery life when we booked (Aug 2017) was about 6hours, so our portable charger was able to make the the MiFi last all day and easily fit into a small bag or pocket!read more
Megan Yamaguchi
Service was excellent. Device was small as to fit in a pocket or bag easily. Easy pick up a and drop off at FCO airport. We paired with google voice and Skype for telephone service. Having internet at all times was great. My whole family was able to use their devices at all times. Battery lasted from about 9-5 but we had portable battery charger that we used and espresso wifi charged right up. Highly recommend the service.read more
Patricia Bullock
Prior to our arrival to Italy I researched the best internet solution and coverage and found ExpressoWiFi online. After a bit of reading through the reviews, I was a bit concerned about the coverage and ease of pick up and drop off, but after using it for 2 weeks that ended yesterday, I can say that for those traveling to Italy it's an absolute must:In most hotels it beat the speed of the free internet provided, and the coverage was great throughout Tuscany and the southern part of Garda also throughout the roads. Pick up (Rome) was quick and drop off as well (Milano).Really awesome - thank you guys!read more
Elad Koren
Faisal Mohamed
The communication from booking thru delivery was excellent. It worked really well even in a remote beach area down south in Basilicata. I had a couple of questions that were answered promptly on live chat. It was a great experience, it served me well and I highly recommend it. It is worth every cent!read more
Sandro Guglielmi
I rented this while I was in Italy for a month. It worked perfectly and I never had a problem with it! My friends and I were all able to connect to it and carry it around everyday. Will definitely be booking with you guys again for my trip next summer!read more
Paige Melancon
Perfect execution. Used the wifi constantly and can't imagine not having it. It worked everywhere we went. Picked up at the airport in Milan. Was going to drop off back at the airport but had the employees change it to a courier pickup at the hotel we were staying at. They took care of it and we didn't have to worry about it on our way home.read more
David W Manley
Great connection speed for pokemon go, google maps, youtube streaming, facebook and instagram. Also great in accessing emails, downloading and uploading 10mb attachments. Has pleasant and helpful service team!read more
Jun Galvez
So great! Get it, worth the money, especially if driving around the country.
Dylan Maccarone
Fast speeds and good coverage. Ordering was simple and when I needed to amend my booking by a day they were very accommodating.
Mike Chen
We used ours in three different cities in Italy and it never faltered. The pick up and drop off were very easy and convenient. Four of us were on the device all day long. I would highly recommend this service!read more
Ruby Knight Mosquera
I am a travel agent and I arranged for my 2 clients to rent a hotspot for 12 days in Italy. They said pickup and drop off was seamless, and the Hotspot was invaluable! They used it constantly, and they didn't know what they would have done without it. You can't get unlimited data through any phone service here for an overseas trip at this kind of price. Expressowifi made me look good as a travel agent for my clients! Thank you!read more
Donna Hardin McCord
Great and flawless service. The pick and return of the équipement was very easy. Since we drive a lot in Italy having the portable wifi was very helpful. The expresso team did a great job. Highly recommended. Thank youRamyread more
Ramy Zakher
we were more than satisified with the device. perfect connection, even movie watching was possible. worked with 3 devices (smartphones and ipad).
Sandra Sidler-Wüest
100% worth 5 stars. We had the device for 30 days and it worked better than we could've ever imagined. I did plenty of research on portable wifi devices before ordering ExpressoWifi and had plenty of concerns entering the trip, one of those surrounding the term 'unlimited'. I was told from a different company that once our total data usage approached 20GB the service provider in Italy (likely vodafone) their device would slow down or stop working completely, which of course meant that it was not truly unlimited. No such thing happened with the ExpressoWiFi device. The device worked at full speed or nearly full speed (of course dependent on the actual service in your area) for the ENTIRE trip. With these concerns still in mind, however, we chose not to stream any movies and things like that. Still, the device allowed us, a family of 6, to operate at our normal data usage without concern (maps/navigation, snapchat, youtube, computers included among the devices, etc.) We carried around a portable charger at all times which allowed us to use the device nearly non stop for the entire trip.We used a TNT Point for pick up and delivery and it was very easy. Extremely well organized down to providing the packaging already labeled and set for you to return your device at the end of the trip.Overall, the experience with ExpressoWifi was beyond exceptional.Thank you.read more
Tyler Thompson
Cheikhou Diakhaby
We were in Italy for 19 days... in Rome, Pacentro, Maiori, Florence, Maranello, Venice, and Penito and the device worked great. We had 7 to 10 devices connected at any given time. The pick-up and drop-off at the Rome airport (FCO) was also very easy. We highly recommend ExpressoWiFi!read more
Michael Repetto
This was the first time using a mobile wifi device while traveling in Europe. This worked like a charm. It made it easy to stay connected (when needed). They delivered the device to our first hotel and we returned it to the front desk of the last hotel. In between, it was like magic!! It doesn't get any easier than that! I would definitely use them again. No doubt!!read more
S Michael Fiorino
Did a lot of research before choosing to go with Expresso WiFi for connectivity when we were out and about in italy for the week- was very easy to pick up, worked perfectly across multiple phones and ahn ipad and was fast. The only thing I would suggest is that finding the drop-off point at MXP was a bit difficult, but someone was online on the website to guide me via chat. I would definitely use expresso wifi again and highly recommend them.read more
Alex Yee
Am using this Expresso Wifi for about 2 weeks during my holiday in Italy and am very satisfy with the services. Received the unit at my Hotel on time and using it almost everyday with no hassles. Received in Milan and drop of in Firenze.. highly recommeded...read more
Monang Silalahi
Great service! My mifi was shipped to the hotel fast, despite waiting until the last minute to order. Great way to save on data while traveling! Speeds were fine in populated areas, and not as great in rural spots, but that's to be expected anywhere in the world. Drop off at the Rome airport was super easy, though note that their kiosk is on the arrivals (lower) floor, but it just took a few minutes to get there even from the opposite side of the departures level.read more
Joe Moore
Marcello Frano
Lani Wolf
Picked up the device at the airport and returned it at Termini. Very convenient and fast.
Houyuan Luo
Great experience!.. I enjoyed unlimited internet throughout my whole stay in Rome. Good customer service via WhatsApp!
Med El Bellaj
Everything promised was delivered and timely so. We will certainly use this company again as the service was reliable and provided great wifi coverage throughout Italy. Thanks! Highly recommend!
Alex N Ana
Having a portable WiFi in Italy was extremely convenient and saved us from getting lost if we only had paper maps. Expressowifi the best choice for us: very responsive to questions, flexible with the pick up date as we needed an extra day, they even can drop off and pick up at your hotel....even in a different city. That was the Big winner for me. I got the WiFi in Rome and they picked it up from our hotel in Venice. Talk about convenience! The price was cheaper than other places that require you to pick up at airport or delivered to home but that doesn't work for me since I was visiting Rome the 2nd week of my vacation and I would have to pay for 1 week of no use. I highly recommend Expresso WiFi! 5 starsread more
Celia Ly
This was the best thing since sliced bread we had internet everywhere we went on our pocket ...price was great and customer service was excellent I would highly recommend!
Carla Littlejohn-Booker
Manan Parikh
Very good signal, the support was very good.
Ximena-José Flores
I was very impressed with ExpressoWifi! I did a lot of research with different companies and they seemed to offer the better price with great reviews. I picked up the hotspot in Venice and dropped it off in Rome. The hotspot didn't give me any problems throughout my trip. Though the battery doesn't last very long, I had a battery pack with me at all times to keep it charged. I would definitely recommend this to anyone heading to Italy. We traveled all and it was so nice to have full access to internet to look up restaurants, things to do, and read all about the history along the way.read more
Amrit Randhawa
Absolutely no problems with our little Tim unit. we went everywhere and it worked basically without any problems at all. Couple of times our Tim card didn't work but the ExpressoWiFi worked without issueNo problems at all picking it up or dropping it off - thanks so much!Debbieread more
Deb Amsler
ExpressoWiFi was a lifeline during my two weeks in Milan/Como/Bergamo this April. Despite heavy usage during Salone del Mobile days, the battery lasted all day. I picked up my device from central Milan - Hotel Regina and dropped it there itself when I left. Great support from the team while booking it online!read more
Harpreet Padam
Absolutely brilliant service! I had come across ExpressoWIFI before visiting Italy. Upon research I found this was a good option. So I booked my device which I was expected to collect at Rome Fiumicino Airport after landing. After landing, I reached the ExpressoWIFI point at the Terminal 2. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They handed over me my device, provided me complete details of how to use the device. Since then for the next 7 days of my stay in Rome-Venice-Milan, I did not face a single issue. The device worked uninterruptedly giving me high speed internet access. I was able to use Google Maps, Facebook, Whatsapp and even go LIVE on facebook. We were 2 people sharing this device. The battery life was good, it worked around for 6-7 hours. At the end of our trip, I simply packed the device and dropped it at Milan Airport TNT collection point. I highly recommend ExpressoWIFI to all those tourists who are looking for uninterrupted unlimited internet service. Thank you ExpressoWIFI for giving us amazing service and making our trip memorable!! Regards,Sagar PatilDubairead more
Sagar Patil
Such a breeze to book the expresso Wifi online, pick up, use, and drop off before I left Italy. Would definitely recommend!
Lilian Yesenia Acosta
The best thing you can do for your smart devices. Used gps whilst walking. very reasonable price. i would recommend this service and company to everyone.
Justin Kochs
Excellent, exceeded expectations. Easy pick up/drop off and set up. Customer service was great too, as we extended the reservation over email and WhatsApp. Signal was strong, from Rome all throughout the Amalfi Coast!read more
Gregg Millward
We had a very good experience with ExpressoWiFi. The router was at our first hotel when we arrived and we were able to leave it at our second hotel to have it picked up to be mailed back. It was very useful and made our trip run smooth. We would definitely use them again.read more
Ruben Gonzalez
Matthew Signes
I would highly recommend EspressoWiFi to anyone traveling in Italy without a cellular plan. This made our trip to Italy so much better! We picked it up near Termini in Rome and used it in Venice, Milan, and Florence with no issues. Wireless and cellular signals are notoriously poor in Florence, but we had no problem using our EspressoWiFi. Often the EspressoWiFi worked better than wifi at our AirBnB or hotel. We'd power it up when we needed and turn it off when we didn't and the battery lasted almost the entire day. The drop off was easy and convenient, too. 5 stars. Awesome experience.read more
Justin Freese
Worked great and even in places I thought it would not. Faster wifi than I thought and faster than the free hotel wifi in most places we stayed. we used it a lot for directions and calling. Without it we were lost. The device is small about the size of a credit card so easy to tote around. Lasts about 8 hours between charges. Loved it!read more
Scott Rozier
Very good communication. It Was exactly as described. Very good signal. We were 11 days in Italy from Rome to Milan and everywhere the signal was great.
Χρήστος Ζυγούρης
The best wifi rental I've had in any country. Easy pick up, 30-40 mbps on average. You definitely need some form of portable charging as others have mentioned. Customer service was phenomenal. We had an emergency and weren't able to drop it off at the right location on time. They picked it up for us. Awesome experience. It is worth every dollar if you are traveling abroad.read more
Ric Nevarez
Mario De Palma
This was hands down the best things available for traveling to Italy. I was able to get a cheaper international plan and was able to have wifi whenever I needed directions anywhere or if I needed to buy train tickets. All the pictures and maps on the website made it very easy to find the pickup location for the pocket wifi and the return was simple as well. I have already told plenty of people about the convenience of having wifi in your pocket and I plan on renting it again the next time I travel to Italy. Just a tip for anyone doing it, take a screen shot of your order number before you land, luckily the guy at the desk was very helpful and was able to figure out which order was mine, but just a tip.read more
Mary Ferguson
ExpressoWiFi saved me a ton of money. The booking, pick up, and drop off of the pocket wifi was a breeze. I picked up my little modem @ Malpensa airport. The signal was great to surf, use Google maps and even upload pictures to Facebook. I strongly recommend it to anyone seeking an inxpensive wifi while traveling trough Italy. I would recommend to buy an external battery in case you run out, I noticed my modem did not hold more than 3-4 hours. I never had to use the customer service other than to provide my passport but the booking experience was a easy.read more
Francis Crespo
EXCELLENT!!! Reliable connections, great quality, super prices....RECOMMENDED!!!!
Joanne Florio
I strongly recommend it to any one seeking reliability when traveling in Italy, the device worked quite well with strong signal all the time, I did have a power source though cause the battery runs out after 3-4 hours of use (car charger, power bank) The staff are very helpful they contacted me one day before my arrival but yes their desk was closed when I arrived at 1 pm which did caused me an hour delay on my rental car pickup and drive to Alba, however it was worth waiting. I used FCO free wifi to contact them on WhatsApp.read more
Ammar Mahmoud Alwathaifi
We spent all of December 2016 in Italy. We used Expresso exclusively during our trip. It worked flawlessly. We can't say how much it improved our trip especially helping us use our IPhone GPS to navigate in Florence and other towns. They even delivered it to our apartment. Can't say enough about how useful Expresso was and how it improved our stay in Italy. I hope that they start expanding to other parts of Europe soon.read more
Kent Watts
ExpressoWIFI was waiting for us when we arrived at our first hotel and easy to drop off at our last hotel. Great service! I would recommend carrying a spare charge pack in case the battery runs low. We started in Rome and dropped it off in Venice. I will definitely use it again on my next trip.read more
Eva Johnston
We used the device for a 2 week trip to Italy - Rome, Venice, Florence. Service was very efficient and pickup and drop off ran very smoothly. Signal was great most of the time - inside some buildings it was weak. I would highly recommend Expresso Wifi.read more
Kim Davidson
Excellent service. Loved having the Wifi through our travels in Italy. It was a lifesaver when driving!
Jamie Sardella Villalobos
Great product, great support. The price was so much cheaper than Telstra could offer. I never had any connection problems, and I used my phone & laptop everyday for work & play without a worry. I will definitely be using this again when I return to Italy.read more
Jo Winckle
This was one of the best things we did on a recent one week trip to Rome, Florence and Venice. The device worked flawlessly throughout in subways, trains, and everywhere we went. Kept four phones connected all the time as well as a tablet. We could even use the Hotspot to make voice calls. Small little device that holds the charge for most of the day. Picked up at Rome Airport and returned at Venice hotel. Highly recommended!read more
Hari Vattyam
Fabio Piscopo
We used it this year for our 2 week holiday in Rome and the service was fantastic! We were met in arrivals at the airport and given quick instructions and the representative made sure it was all in order and working before we left. We had no issues with it during our stay in Italy. We had a laptop and various ipods for the kids. We again met in departures to hand it back when we left. The representative was prompt, professional and friendly. We hope to visit your beautiful country again in 2017 and we will most definitely be using ExpressoWifi again. Thank you.read more
Sandra Bernard
Used Expresso Wifi for our one week stay in Italy. Traveled from Rome/Florence/Cinque Terre/ Venice and had great service. We had 2 devices on the one hotspot and used it constantly for maps and other data related apps. Device was waiting for me when I arrived and easy drop off with the concierge at our hotel on the way out. Definitely recommend.read more
Brian Nelson
This is an amazing service. They made it super easy - delivering the device to my first hotel and letting me mail it in from my final hotel. I used it for 6 days and never had a problem with it. We even used it to periscope a wedding to the bride's grandparents back in the states - two phones broadcasting live at the same time throughout the ceremony and reception. I cannot recommend using ExpressoWiFi enough if you're traveling to Italy.read more
Trisha Meuret Howard
I used an ExpressoWiFi device for a 1-week trip in Siena and Venice. The pickup and drop off at Malpensa Milan airport was simple. I had no issues with the device at all. In Siena city, it worked perfectly, great signal. Outside of Siena, in the Tuscan countryside the signal was spotty as expected. In Venice, the signal was great unless inside a building, when it would be spotty or slow. It was very nice to have for Google Maps / navigation, and for when I had to work a little. Overall, worked as expected and would definitely recommend this.read more
Monica Kyle
Amazing customer service, great reception and speeds. We used over a 2 month period which originally was booked for 2 weeks. The team easily extended each rental period for us with ease! Will definitely be recommending them to the rest of our travelling community and using again in the future.read more
Beth Marsden
I used this service in May when I travelled throughout Italy. What's an easy service to set up and use. Pick upInstructions were easy to follow and drop off service at the other end of at the airport was fantastic. It was great to be able to have reception and fast Internet to not only keep in contact with those back home but navigate your way around and look up things when needed. I will certainly be using espresso Wi-Fi next time I'm in Italyread more
Samantha Hill
My ExpressoWiFI helped me navigate all thru Tuscany using my Iphone Googemap. Never lost a signal no matter how remote we seemed to be. Started & ended our trip in Firenze so easy to pick up & drop off at Hotel Pierre there in the city. I did have a lack of signal while in Firenze on the last day of my contract. Not sure if it was because it was the last day or that the signal was challenged because of some many people & other phones. Suggested to a friend who had an equally great experience with hers. I will definitely use ExpressoWifi again & have told others about the great service, signal & value.read more
Renee Stallings Valentino
The pocket wifi was so convenient and very economical. I was able to keep in touch with family and friends no matter where I was. I didn't have to worry about finding free wifi hotspots. My apartment had no internet access at all but the pocket wifi worked perfectly inside and out. I will definitely book it again on my next visit to Italyread more
Nicole Myers
We made a right decision to rent expressoWiFi during we were in north Italy. Speed has no limit like other providers. Anywhere anytime. Battery supports 6-8 hours in one time charge long enough for one day trip. Price is reasonable compared with speed and no limit data feed. Choose it when you are in Italy!!!read more
มยุรี โชวิกรานต์
Connie Ip
I booked expressowifi for my trip to Italy. Me and two other friends were able to use it. Marco delivered the device at the airport fiumicino, and kindly met us at the check in gate when we were ready to return the device. I highly recommend it.read more
Vero Alvarado
We used an ExpressoWiFi unit for a three week trip to Northern Italy -- Lago d'Iseo, the Dolomites, Lago Maggiore, Ivrea, Bra, Lerici -- and it was great to have. We almost always had a signal, even in the mountains, so we were able to use our smart phones for navigation all the time, even on hikes. There were one or two hiccups with the service, but Yulia was very quick to respond and resolve things.We picked ExpressoWiFi based on their price (low compared to most alternatives) and mostly positive reviews. We felt completely satisfied by both the quality of the device and the technical aspects of the service (speed, connectivity, coverage), and by the customer service and support we received. There were places where the connection wasn't fast, but that was clearly related to the cell coverage in the area, not any problems with ExpressoWiFi or the unit.The most difficult thing about the experience was finding the TNT pickup point in the Malpensa Airport. Turns out it was the Left Luggage area, but even the people at the airport information desk didn't know that the first time we tried. They said TNT no longer had a facility at the airport... It would be helpful if ExpressoWiFi provided a map or a little more information about exactly where to pick up the unit.We had a car with a USB port, so it was easy to keep the unit charged almost all th time. We also carried a USB charger that plugged into the 12V (cigarette lighter) power port in the car, so we could keep the unit and our phones charged as needed. If you aren't traveling by car, it might be useful to rent an extra battery and charger, which are available from ExpressoWiFi for an extra 6 Euros (I checked before I figured out that we didn't need it). We recommend ExpressoWiFi without reservation.read more
David Dellinger
Great value. Worked well. Outstanding service. The battery doesnt last so long if you are out and wandering around all day but we solved the problem with a portable charger. We used it with 5 persons (mobile) and no issues.read more
Choy Wei Lin
Laura Jarva
Karen Van Etten
Bingloy Dorion Diaz
Great service my wife and I had two hotspots delivered to our Hotel in Milan and it was flawlessly handled. The connectivity was very very good in our month long tour from Milan to Verona to Lake Garda to Lake Como to Relais San Maurizo, to Santa Margherita to Florence to Montefollonico and to Rome where their representative met us at check in for our USA flight and handed him the units and on our way. Easy Peasyread more
Frank Rodriguez
This was fantastic service. I did not set up my international plan for data because it was expensive. This service was very well priced and helped me keep in touch with my family without always having to find fee wifi. Would highly recommend it!!!read more
Maria Aguilar Goldstein
We had booked ExpressoWifi for our Itay trip after seeing good reviews and also for its good price. So far the device worked well during our trip except for once, it just didn't have signal. I whatsapp them and their response was pretty immediately and solution was given quickly without pinpointing whose fault or digging to the bottom for details. We were asked to go to the nearest boutique hotel for an exchange and it was easy. Impressive service *thumb up*read more
Yukie Cody
Leonid Gandelman
Samantha Aman
Joel Rodriguez
Whenever you travel to Italy, get the ExpressoWifi. Excellent and fast coverage throughout �
Philip Anthony Larrazabal
Fantastic service we used on Sardinia! 🙂 We had internet with us everywhere - in the car, on the beach , in the apartment where internet traffic was limited. High spead and no breaks. Got in time with instructions and was easy to deliver it back (i did it in Milano airport). Can recommend to anybody who needs to stay online 🙂read more
Elena Skokova
Came across ExpressoWifi on the internet before coming to Italy. It was easy to book and I was met at the airport to be handed the device which worked straight away. Have used it during my stay in Italy and it has been excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend ExpressoWifi for anyone intending to visit Italy.read more
Alvin Milner
This is the best pocket wifi experience I have had so far. Worked great in Milan,Rome, and Naples! I was able to Skype home for work while I traveled with no problems for 3 weeks. Thanks!
Tophio Drift
Great service. Very well priced. strongly recommend.
Gautam Gupta
Jamie Miller
Frederick Samarelli
Yuliya Kornelyk
I got response back from CEO and got my question answered. So would like to change my rating based on good feedback from the CEO. I will try out the service soon and report back my real experience with expressoWifi.----------------I am just frustrated with their charge by number of device thing on their website. It asks how many devices, if I say two, the charge gets doubled. Then why it says it can be connected up to 10 devices, meaning I have to to pay 60 euro / per day?I wrote emails and facebook message about this, never got my question answered. Could you get me confirmed that if I select ONE device at the booking, I can still use multiple phones to share wifi from it with no extra charge?read more
Aaron Zhang
My family of four used ExpressoWifi in August 2016 for our trip to Rome, Florence, Venice. The kids wanted access to social media and games; my wife wanted texting, email, and phone service (I recommend WhatsApp); and I wanted to be able to reach family, friends, and the house sitter. ExpressoWifi worked great everywhere, even on the trains, and we regularly had up to 6 devices connected. My son and I even went PokemonGo hunting around the Colosseum at midnight. We saved a ton on roaming charges and per device activation fees. I recommend using the delivery and pickup options. It was waiting for us at our first hotel and we just packed it for shipping and left it at our last hotel. Couldn't have been easier.read more
Tim Blair
We hired pocket wifi for the duration of our 2 week vacation in Italy, It was a godsend. With 2 teenagers wanting to stay in contact with friends back in the UK and being able to search the internet for reviews on places to eat etc, it became one of our best friends. We were met at Fiumicino arrivals and the gentleman showed us how to connect our devices in all of 2 minutes, he then met us again at departures for us to be able to return. Will definitely be hiring again on our next trip. Highly recommendread more
Jo Tunnicliffe
Used ExpressoWiFi for my Italy trip in Aug 2016. This was one of the best uses of my money for the trip. It worked well in everywhere I have been - Milan, Venice, Rome, and Naples and surroundings (Capri, Sorrento, Amalphi). Good signal all the way. The only problem is battery life because I start using from 7am to 10pm every day. Luckily I brought an external batteries for my phones and ExpressoWiFi, which worked really well for me.read more
Raymond Hong
Dandy Dvr R Bros
Recentemente ho fatto uso per la prima volta del vostro servizio, che va definite come eccellente. Mai nessun problema, rete sempre disponibile, grande banda e grande velocita'. Meglio non si puo'. Complimenti, e grazie ancora di tutto !!!!!!read more
Gianni De Angelis
Traveling often in the US where this service is offered by the car rentals companies know that could be offered in Italy was a pleasant surprise. Delivery was timely as well as to collect the package.Everything worked well, we had only some signal coverage problems, but this is not attributable to you.A small warning... Must that you keep in mind the times of the other countries outside of Italy.. Personally I got a phone call at 5am ( 11am in Italy ) to confirm the delivery...if you not sure about it, just send an email or a message through whatsApp.read more
Maurizio Cocco
Vaishali Doshi
It was overall a good experience during my 6 days stay in Rome, internet speed was good and worked flawlessly.
Shahid Saeed
Seriously a life saver. I needed wifi through Italy so I could work while traveling and my phone service provider was going to charge me the equivalent of 500$ in data. Espresso WiFi was not only affordable but reliable and convenient. We traveled from Rome toTuscany to Venice and all throughout i had 4G service. Also the cusomer service was very helpful and easy to get in touch with. The CEO even met us at the airport at 23:30 to drop off the device. I'll definitely use them again when traveling back through italy.read more
Zach Gastley
Couldn't have lived without it while in Italy. It was easy to organise, was at the hotel when I arrived and they came and collected it from me at the airport. Will definitely use next time I travel.
Shanan Dupen
We LOVED having expresso wifi on our trip in Italy. It worked great, we had it sent to our first Hotel in Sorrento, and setup to return it in Naples 2 weeks later. They sent the bag and box to return it in so it was easy to do. The wifi had great service throughout our trip, no issues at all. The Battery life worked better than expected too. I'd highly recommend EXpress Wifi!read more
Karl Gusner
Great Service. We were in Italy, from Milan driving to Dolomites, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome. The service were excellent through out the trip.
Surapol Pairojtanachai
Tc Hsieh
Fantastic service, great customer service. Very affordable.
Fernando Ivanovski
Device working super well. Very happy to haven chosen Expresso Wifi. Super easy and not too expensive. Grazie mille!
Mathilde Perez
Getting an expressoWiFi has been the best decision we made on this trip to Italy. From the pickup representative at FCO airport it worked right away, lasted through 4 hours of trains, 2 hours of driving through the mountains of Tuscany & a super reliable high speed connection. It saved us from getting lost on the small roads & only needed to get charged up after a full day of using it. From the first impression of the cool/minimal funky website & hopefully for the next 10 days we are... ExpressoWiFi! Grazieread more
Ahmad MaDJam Ajam
Immediate reply by whatsapp to reply all my queries. When I arrived in Rome airport, a staff waited for me at the baggage area to hand me the WIFI device. When returning the device, the same staff waited for me at the airline check in counter at the agreed time, very punctual! WIFI is fast and smooth even when I was in islands or small villages, well worth the price!read more
Duncan Lim
We are two couples from Norway visiting Rome in May. I have previously rented a similar device in France (Frenchconnection. Com) but this was much better because of unlimited downloading and faster internet. It was easy to use but the battery capacity could have been better. I carried a mobile power bank (10000mah) . Plugged into this all worked perfectly! You are now a walking hotspot: "Mr Wifi"! Perfect for tourist who are continously on social media , Tripadisor etc ! I recommend both pickup and return at the airport . Perfetto !read more
Bjørn Aage Granhus
Easy to use and really realible & fast. We have used it with four devices at the same time and no problems with it!
Milja Köpsi
These guys are amazing in their service and their product functions as described. Probably better than I expected. I would've liked a lot more offices/stalls where I could've picked up/dropped off the device, but I guess since they're growing from a small start-up, they should have that sorted out soon. I would highly recommend them to anybody. You should probably think about introducing new plans and offers for your devices soon. All the very best!read more
Ahish Vishwanatha
Used expressowifi for 3 weeks in Italy. Was great having wifi 24/7. Would recommend this to my friends and family. Used with 4 devices at a time with little problem.
Joanne Newton
Well, i rarely leave a review actually but it seems I need now because it was a great experience to surf web using expressoWIFI! The speed was good. Coverage was good. Importantly, battery life was great! I can browse around 10 hours using this. Recommendedread more
Adha Sukma Aji
Serena Baccarelli
Easy pick up and drop off location at the Milan Airport. The signal was great. The owner is easy to talk to. Great customer service!
Gen Cua Solis
I recently travelled to Italy from Treviso to Rome, Salerno, Naples, Amalfi and Madeloni and had great internet service. Mostly 4G. Helpful staff, great delivery and just hassle free. Well done guys.
Shaun Sayers
Excellent Service and help from Giovanni. I used ExpressoWifi during my trip to Italy and it was perfect. Excellent coverage in Rome, Naples, and Pompeii and fast speed. Pricing is great value also. I would use ExpressoWifi again and recommend any of my friends who go to Italy to use it too.read more
Eric NY
I used pocketwifi while we were travelling in Southern Italy (Capri, Amalfi) and Alba. Very please with the service rep Sabrina's assistances. Although the device was delayed because of the courier, expressowifi made a special delivery to our villa at 8pm. Very impressed! The wifi was fast, signal was strong and coverage was wide. We got signal even along the route of Path of God in Praiano. Return was easy. Next time I come to Italy, I will for sure use expressowifi again :)Simonread more
Simon Siu
Evangeline Tollison
Great decision to go with the hotspot as I traveled in Italy!! I used Skype and what's app and had access to everything and everyone I needed while away!!! Service was excellent!
LynneAnne Wolak
Danilo Fallace
Fantastic service. I did not manage to get my wifi box as the hotel I was staying at refused to acccept delivery as I was not checked in yet. Ivan emailed me and promptly replied my email promptly although it was 1.30 am and then 5.00 am. He then personally delivered it to the hotel that morning . He really went beyond the call of duty. I am quite sure I will not have gotten this kind of exceptional service with other company. Another plus point , the wifi connection was fast and easy . Thank you ivan and sabrina.read more
Poon Yuet Foong
NanSoda Nivassavasdikul
The best pocket Internet WiFi in Italy! Excellent customer service
Sabri Na
I used in Sicily for 5 weeks. Besides some issues at pick up and drop off locations (I think the guy at location didnt know what he was doing), It was nice to have at the beach everyday, or left at home for the kids when I was out. I would probably pick up an extra battery next time for sure. Communication thru chat was always the easiest, someone always was there. Thanks again until next time. Ciaoread more
Pierina Vitale Serra
Was in Rome in September & was delighted with my wifi device. As a solo traveler, it was reassuring to be connected all the time. Staff very helpful, but had difficulty finding pick up point in Fumicino airport. Drop off was easy near Termini station. Device simple to use & had a decent battery life, although it never lasted a whole day, 9hrs max. Will be happy to use again on my next visit. 👍read more
Catherine O Donovan
We used this for 7 weeks in Italy. It worked really well and I only had a weak signal in some areas. Sardinia tended to give me a low signal, and a few spots through Tuscany. Otherwise, we were good and I would use this service again. Pickup and drop off were also very easy at Linate airport in Milan.read more
Martha Curioni
The customer service for this has been really good! When me and my sister had trouble picking up our pocket wifi in Catania, we contacted the customer service representative and they helped us talk to the TNT staff and ensured that we got our wifi! It worked really well when were driving on the highways as well so I definitely recommend Pocket wifi to anyone travelling/driving around Italy.read more
Olivia Fung
Used it in Cinque Terre and Florence for 10 days. Worked well most of the time. When internet was lost, I would power down and reboot again. Made navigating much easier. Very convenient to have it delivered to our hotel.read more
Baylie Wong
This is the perfect way to stay connected on our trip to Italy. We're in very many regions and this was the best option and the smartest move. Very easy Airport pickup very attentive customer service and we had no problems at all with the connections. I highly recommend itread more
Francine Mola Posa
I had a great experience with my personal wifi during my time in Rome & Amalfi Coast.
Jarrod Hall
Was amazing for the first two weeks through Roma, Torino, Alba, Piemonte, Genova, Cinque Terre, Lucca, Sam Gimignano, and Siena, and the first day of Firenze, but then was unusable. I got a new device in Milano after contacting them through every channel available, so they were eventually very accommodative, but the new device never worked well and required constant restarting otherwise would go stale. Also, pick up and drop off are a nightmare if you have an early flight. You get the the point and nobody is there, then you call some phone number written somewhere near there if you can, and then wait till somebody finally shows up. I wouldnsuggest not doing the airport and not doing early, late, or their siesta hours.read more
Amit Udeshi
Spyros Papaioannou
Would not go to Europe without it. Affordable and totally worth the $100. Wish the battery lasted longer but I could live with that!
Barbara Browning
Delivered to our hotel in Rome in advance of our arrival. Provided coverage as needed during our 11 days in Rome, Venice and Florence. Just a minor glitch on return. Web site had indicated that there was a drop off point at the Termini Train station in Rome. However had to take about a 5 minute walk to a hotel near Termini. Fortunately, I found this out prior to my return time.read more
Scott Rohrer
We used ExpressoWifi in Sicily for 9 days and was really useful, good, fast connection all the time. Although it would have been more useful to get it at the airport, the unit was delivered to our first accommodation by the time we arrived and was picked up after we left, very handy. First set up was very slow, likely because the unit needed to be charged, we even called Support. But after the first 45 minutes of struggle, everything was perfect.An extra battery or car charger option would be useful.Overall, we were happy, I would rent it again.read more
Hajnal Gál
I did a lot of research on which portable wifi company to use prior to my trip to Italy. I ended up picking Expresso Wifi. The good things:1. Pick up and drop off were easy. Some companies did not allow pick up or drop off at TNT points on Sundays and Mondays, but Expresso Wifi did. I arrived in Italy in the afternoon and left Italy 14 days later at 10 AM, so I didn't have to worry about super early pick ups or drop offs. That seems like a nightmare based on some of the other reviews.2. Coverage was great. I was in the middle of nowhere in Mirabella Eclano doing work at an archaeological site and I always go fast internet whenever I needed it.The bad things:1. The wifi hotspot did not come with the return postage bag and I had to ask the pick up location in Naples to provide me with one. They basically took it out of another customer's tube that contained the wifi hotspot and chargers and all that. So that means another customer probably didn't have the return postage they needed.2. When I attempted to contact the company on Whatsapp about the lack of return postage, they never responded. I've noticed that communication between customers and this company is not very good upon reading the reviews and was worried about it when booking the hotspot. Sure enough, they never responded to me.3. The wifi hotspot did not hold battery power very well. I only turned it on when I needed it, which was not very often, and it was usually drained by the end of the day. 4. The battery got very hot during use. This might be because heat wave Lucifer was happening and I had no access to air conditioning, or it could be because the battery is faulty.5. The instructions they included with the wifi hotspot were really hard to understand and were not very thorough. The English on the instructions needs to be improved and could be improved by having a native speaker review and edit them.So yeah, the wifi worked and I had internet access but if something had gone wrong with the device, the instructions provided would not have helped and the customer support was such that I probably would not have heard from the company at all.read more
Bella Dubnicka
Device works generally well with fast internet, it failed a few times during video streaming but worked again when restarting it. Downside is the Rome fumicino airport pick up point, there was no one at the counter when we arrived at 1pm. We had to text and wait for the staff to arrive, and ended up delaying the time when our hotel transfer van can leave and other guests were waiting.The tube with the device was not re-packaged after last person's use, meaning that there were no instruction sheet or return bag in the tube. We had no idea that the device should be switched off in order to charge, and the turnaround time to get support was a little long. Pre-sales customer service was however excellent, so if nothing goes wrong with the handle of your order you will have a smooth experience.read more
Charlotte Bisgaard Wu
Good wifi service 🙂 My wife and I enjoyed the internet connection.The only inconvenience was the drop-off at the airport, it took them 45 minutes to meet with us even when we informed them flight details the day before.Thank you!read more
John Cancio
The signal was good in Rome but it's unstable when in other cities. Maybe it's because of the device. Btw,the internet speed was ok, not so fast but not too slow.
Lingpongg Athakorn


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