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expressowifi became OneMIFI

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

Dear Customers, It’s been 4 years since we started the Expressowifi project with many positive outcomes thanks to you, in these years Expressowifi has grown and has become the first high quality choice in the pocket wi-fi rental business. After 4 years, something had to change: I have decided to take this business and make it mine creating a new company, merging the experience with all the possibilities that freedom can give. In the new Expressowifi, I want to clarify, some things did not chage: The commercial offer stays the same, the wireless carrier it’s the same as before, we strongly believe in Vodafone, Italy’s first and biggest carrier ( 1st Vodafone, 2nd Tim, 3rd H3G and 4thWind) and one of the biggest in Europe. We will always be ‘no limits’ addicted, the customer care is also the same. Being free allowed us to add some exciting news:

  • Pick up / Drop off at Naples Airports and coming 
  • Pick up / Drop off point closer to Florence Santa Maria Novella train station.
  • We can now ship anywhere in the world with DHL and FedEx and you can also request return from abroad in the booking process.
  • Starting from September the CRONO program will begin, with over 4000 postal offices throughout Italy, allowing pick up and drop off.
  • We have upgraded all of our devices with the new Huawei R218H. (After 4 years using older models).
  • We have improved our customer care introducing an omni-channel platform.
  • With the GDPR our devices are now safer. We send the wi-fi password via e-mail and sms rather than having it printed on the back of the device, this to avoid internet theft.
  • By the end of the year we will launch our EUROPEAN plan and starting next season the powerbank will be free of charge in every kit. Because we listen to your feedback.

All these changes demand an internal change, Expressowifi becomes THE ONE MY WIFI (Onemyfi) and here’s why: The first GSM modems/routers were called MiFi. ONE = 1, we like being the number one, in customer care and logistic solutions. We are the first ones with the real 4G/LTE, HighSpeed without slowdowns. We do not believe in deposits, we rather use our communication channels to get into a mutual agreement. We are the first with a ‘recurrent customer’ rate over 30%.
Onemifi or ‘ONE’ will replace the Expressowifi brand and the website www.expressowifi.com will still with us,  www.onemifi.com. it’s under deploying .
It is very important for me that you, our customers, believe in this new brand the same way you’ve done with Expressowifi. I believe in choices, that’s because I have never “played with other players” but I have always let others choose. I ask you to choose, once again, us.

  1. With all new devices during 2019 we’ll include a little gadget we hope comes handy for you, as they say: to sweeten the deal.

Your CEO Ivan , Luis and Andres, Giovanni, Yuliya, Maria and Serena that was from the 2015, aboard