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Mobile router rental – guide to choose

Mobile router rental for your vacations? We prepare this guide for you.

Do you need a mobile router rental?

If you travel, you know, Italy is one of the most beautiful locations to travel to.

You can enjoy the view of the small cities, the vintage architecture, the beautiful rivers, and the love of all that is art, Italy is really the place to be.

While one is there, the people and the delicious food are just some of the great delights this country offers.

All of Italy is Instagram worthy, and could be snapped at any given time.

But wait…if you travel in Italy and you don’t have internet while you’re travelling?

Staying connected also when you are in vaction, at any given time has become one of the most important things now, whether you’re at home or out vacationing.

In Italy when you travel there, you want to be connected with the social network, use maps, skype, and share your moments with your friends.

mobile router rental

We have a solution for mobile router rental: ExpressoWiFi.

This mobile router provides you the internet you need, all over the Italy, wherever you travel, without any roaming charges.

This small WiFi device can be taken for anywhere between 1 day to 30 days and used as your unlimited source of internet.

Why ExpressoWiFi?

Travelling to different cities or countries not only comes with the cost of flights, stay, and food, but also with that of mobile data and calling. The international roaming charges are on their all-time high and thus, prevent anyone from using internet much on their trips. However, things like important emails, booking tickets, getting a cab, and more can be easily done on the internet and thus, requires one to be connected at all times.

ExpressoWiFi, thus, solves this issue by providing you with a tiny WiFi device that you can take with you all over the Italy and get unlimited internet all day long. The WiFi device can be rented and carried to all places in Italy by paying a small amount of rent. The rental period can vary from anywhere between 1 day to 30 days, with prices ranging from 4 Euros per day.

It can be easy like drink an Espresso, Expresso WiFi, the mobile router rental is available all over Italy and can be booked and collected from the airport, hotels, or Expresso points.

You can also have your device delivered at you apartment for the use.

Quality of Expresso Wifi

Here are some of its best features of our mobile router rental:

Unlimited Fast internet

The ExpressoWiFi,o is the mobile router rental that offers unlimited 4G/LTE internet all over Italy all day long.  You can check your mails, do VoIP calls, download movies, videos, songs, and more with the unlimited internet you get.

No roaming costs

Roaming costs are the heaviest to pay while you’re in any other city and can ruin your trip budget. ExpressoWiFi, thus, proves to be as budget friendly as an Espresso and charges you no roaming costs for your trip throughout Italy. The WiFi device comes at a fixed cost ranging between 4 euros and 15 euros, depending on the plan you take and won’t chage you a penny more than that.
Up to 10 devices
Can connect up to 10 devices. These device not only provides you with internet at affordable rates throughout your trip, but makes the cost a bare minimum as you can connect up to 10 devices with the hotspot provided from the device.

Small dimension

Expresso WiFi is tiny and can easily fit into your pocket or your wallet.

Thus, it is very travel friendly and can go with you to the far off parts of the country as well.

High battery life

ExpressoWiFi devices come with 7 hours of battery life, requiring barely any charging while you’re out and touring the beautiful cities of Italy.

If you want to rent an Expresso Wifi

You can book for your ExpressoWiFi online on our official website before or during your trip in the country. The website allows you to choose your plan based on the number of days of your trip. For example, a 5-day plan costs about 5 euros per day whereas a 30-day plan will cost you about 4 euros per day for the device. You can pay online for the device through either a credit card or your PayPal account.

You can take your WiFi device from the airport, your hotel or any Expresso Point. However, you can also have it delivered to you at your doorstep.

When your trip is over, after you’re done with your device, you can return the device in person to a hotel, or the airport, or send it via courier to any of the Expresso Points.

ExpressoWiFi provides you fast and easy access to the internet at highly affordable prices and makes your trip a lot more convenient as well.

If you want to rent, now you can request an ExpressoWifi Router.

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