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Portable Wifi – That’s why you need it

Do you need a portable wifi for your trip?

I know, we are all connected. Everyone of us loves to access to internet.  See this guide to choose the best.

The trend of the internet access say that smart phones while others go the conventional way, using mobile broadband to browse the internet more then desktop computers.

Portable Wifi with Mobile Band

Today, you don’t need a computer to be connected to the internet. You can share your picture on social network, or using maps, or chat with someone, only using the mobile phone.

However, using WiFi is the best solution but it’s not the complete answer to solving the mobile broadband cause people need internet everywhere and having a cable connection with internet is not a viable option.

At the same time, with the mobile devices like tablets, iPads and laptop, the requirement for mobile broadband grow very fast.

In the 1991, 2G services were introduced. Later in 2001 and 2006, 3G and 4G services were introduced respectively. In the modern developed and developing countries, most of the areas are now covered under the 2G and 3g services.

Internet abroad

portable wifi

If you are going on a vacation, you should know that your mobile network may not work and may be too expensive, and you should start looking for a solution.

Moving to Italy? Choose ExpressoWiFi

ExpressoWiFi offers tourists in Italy access to high speed internet with no problems about bill shocks.

It’s the perfect way to spend your vacation in Italy without problem with connection.

Greater portability

With ExpressoWifi can now access emails, Facebook and all the internet that you need.

The time you spend browsing the internet with your smart phone is of course, considerably more than the time you spend talking on it! You can even make phone calls through the internet to others at amazingly low costs.

High Speed Internet 4G/LTE

4G internet at the moment is the least used option and not many countries have launched 4G technology yet.

Multiple Devices

With ExpressoWifi you can connect up to 10 devices so you can connect 10 devices like cellphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

In Italy though, if you are using ExpressoWiFi, you have nothing to worry about:

  • You don’t have to worry about any roaming costs in Italy
  • You can connect as many as 10 devices to your ExpressoWiFi device
  • You have a good seven hours of battery backup that you can depend up just about any time
  • You have unlimited 4G or LTE internet, at blazing fast speeds.

If you are looking to a portable wifi, you could get one right at the airport when you are coming into Italy.

Rent now your ExpressoWifi!

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