Why OneMiFi

About us

OneMiFi is a young Italian startup company providing a rental WIFI service to tourists who arrive in Italy and want to travel staying always connected to internet. Unfortunately, there aren’t many wi-fi spots on national territory and this can be very problematic. A trip without internet isn’t easy to do at all: no maps to find places that are worth seeing and no phone calls due to expensive roaming charges. For this reason, OneMiFi is keeping up with innovation and wants to find a solution to the problem, improving your holiday’s condition and providing a high-quality product for an affordable price.

Why choosing OneMiFi

Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ needs, with our excellent customer service (24/7 availability on social media –whatsapp-facebook- live chat, etc..) and offering the best internet coverage available in Italy at 4G+ VODAFONE full-speed. Thanks to our device, our customers can say good bye to expensive roaming charges and welcome an unlimited and shareable internet connection with up to 10 devices connected at the same time.

Make calls and video calls with Skype or other VoIP services

Share your emotions on social networks

Find more information about monuments, cities and art places.

Search for the best local restaurant, a trendy bar for a cocktail or a pastry shop offering traditional sweets. Find the best place to eat and have fun.

Plan your trip, consult public transport schedules and build itineraries using all the time available: you have an interactive map always by your side.

Download your emails, consult your files and upload to cloud computing the documents you need for your work. Take part in meetings and conference calls as if you were in your office.

There are 4 good reasons for choosing OneMiFi

The booking, rental and delivery process of your OneMiFi is easy and convenient


Cut roaming costs

Forget about expensive roaming charges and transform your journey into unique experience.


Unlimited data traffic

Surf as long as you want: we provide unlimited internet connection


Full speed connection

Surf at the highest speed available in Italy: 4G/LTE up to 150mbps with VODAFONE.


Connect up to 10 devices

Share the connection with your family or friends. You can connect up to 10 devices

OneMiFi makes everything easier.

We arrange everything. The booking, rental and delivery process of your OneMiFi is easy and convenient.

Book it online

icone-07 Choose the place where you want your device to be delivered as well as the place of the return. Payment methods: VISA, MasterCard. Secure transaction.

Pick-it up

icone-09 Pick-up your OneMiFi wherever you want: at your hotel reception desk, at your apartment, at the airpor or OneMiFi Point.

Return it

icone-08 Return your OneMiFi at the airport (see list of OneMiFi points) or through our courier service. Make sure to put the device inside the envelope for the return and it is ready for delivery.

Book now!

Any questions?

For any question, information, enquiries do not hesitate to keep in touch with our customer service. Write us an e-mail, call us, or find us on Skype whatsapp.